Online Giving - Fees and You!

Online Giving Fees

As a non-profit organization, PayPal charges the church 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.  You will not be charged this extra amount, but rather it will come out of your gift.  If you give $100, this works out to about $2.50, so $100 comes out of your account, but $97.50 actually goes to the ministry at First E.  This is the amount that will be recorded for your year-end statements for taxes.  


Using E-Checks

Most banks offer some form of e-checks or online bill-pay service.  With Chase Bank, for instance, you can manually set up First Evangelical Church as a payee and then send checks that way.  This offers the convenience of online giving without the fees, though it can take several days for us to receive the check and potentially another few days to deposit it.  You can set this up as a recurring payment as well!  We won't venture to say this is free for all banks, but it certainly is for some.  If you would like to set First E up as a payee, you will need our address and possibly phone number:


First Evangelical Church

4120 NE St Johns Rd

Vancouver, WA 98661

(360) 694-2525


We believe giving is an act of worship, ideally done in a worship service as a church body.  However, we know not everyone carries a check book or is able to physically attend.  We offer online giving options in order to allow as many as possible to worship God through giving to a local church.  Thank you for doing so!